Make estimates automatically: BIMTangl calculates the cost of a building in a matter of minutes.

Now it is possible to get from BIM-model not only blueprints but also relevant estimates at any stage of designing process.

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How does BIMTangl work?

  1. Model elements data are uploaded to the cloud service.
  2. Elements are automatically tied in with variety classifiers positions.
  3. The cost calculation of each element is based on the properties of the elements.
  4. In order to obtain a complete picture a consolidated tree of classifiers positions is made.
  5. Different calculation versions from different model versions are amassed and compared.
  6. Statements, reports, analytics and estimates are automatically formed.

Cross-platform cloud solution

  • You can get resilient access from any device from laptop to mobile phone.
  • Get access whenever you want.
  • Cloud technologies make your computational power unlimited.

BIMTangl Value is

  1. an opportunity to work with any type of estimate documents, classifiers and create corporate guide
  2. automatic calculation of cost, work materials and labor costs
  3. collaboration of all participants involved in design process
  4. cutback of the time expenditures on estimates and enhancement of accuracy
  5. working with multiple BIM
  6. analysis and comparison of results. Comprehensive audit of indicators. Reports and analytics


BIMTangl is saving your money

  • Your employees no longer need to concentrate on mundane tasks. Instead of this they can focus on indicator analysis, cost engineering and project control.
  • You can forget about mistakes in estimated cost calculation, which usually make the construction stage expensive.
  • In our time of credit money we need to minimize period of design in order not to lose profit. BIMTangl will make the estimates calculation faster.
  • You can get relevant cost calculation at any stage: from conceptual design to construction. This way you can make advantageous decision, do cost forecasting and cost audit.

Our unique “digital imprint” system helps you:

  • To configure guides without special knowledge.
  • To analyze data faster and get results with 100% accuracy.
  • To rule out human error.
  • To get relevant information about capital investments and scope of work.
  • To update expeditiously whole data about changes in building information model.

Launch strategy

December 2019
  • Plugin for Revit
  • Application for MS Windows OS
  • Meta-information generation
  • Viewer of trees results and display settings
February 2020
  • Configuring and selecting the necessary parameters from the interface
  • Automatic recognition of similar objects
  • Cost editing in the classifiers
  • User account
March 2020
  • Corporate accounts development
  • Creating a framework for the cloud view
  • Possibility of export an analyze results in Excel, json
April 2020
  • The cloud analysis system
  • System of access permissions
  • An interconnection system between users
June 2020
  • 3D-viewer
  • System of reports construction
August 2020
  • Data transfer protocol development
  • Finalizing all previous deficiencies

  • Release candidate
    Software package
September 2020
Early access
What are the advantages of early access?
  • Co-development partnership through the process of software development.
  • A possibility to be one or two steps ahead.
  • You will be able to affect on BIMTangl evolution: open communication with developers, discussions of ideas and feedback.
  • Individual user acceptance testing.



  • Why do we have to start paying now? The release date is in August.
    Why do we have to start paying now? The release date is in August.

    We offer our clients joint technology development as modules are ready, early access to new modules and priority settings.

  • Why should we change well-established processes? Everything works well without BIMTangl.
    Why should we change well-established processes? Everything works well without BIMTangl.

    You have three scenarios: work on projects as usual and stay in the fast moving world with unchanged product; do nothing; become a part of product, which makes changes to the market, and get new opportunities before others.

  • What if it doesn't work?
    What if it doesn't work?

    BIMTangl is working now for our first clients. Our solution will evolve with the times and get stronger to meet new demands

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