Platform for Deep Analysis of BIM Data

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How Tangl works

  1. Uploads model elements data into cloud service
  2. Automatically associates elements with variety of items from the classifiers
  3. Calculates various derived data for each position based on elements properties
  4. Makes common tree of classifiers positions to get the full picture of expenses
  5. Saves and compares different calculation versions from different versions of the model
  6. Generates statements, reports and analytics

Advantages of Tangl platform

  1. Proprietary extendable 3D viewer
  2. Cloud server for calculation and data storage
  3. Collaboration for any number of users
  4. Flexible settings and work with any classification systems
  5. Using “flexible visual data queries” for process automation
  6. Instant data update
  7. Open API for integration with other services

Cross platform cloud service

  • Access to unlimited calculation capacities via cloud
  • Different users can have access at any given moment Various analysis in just seconds
  • Automatic associations of elements with variety of items from the classifiers
  • Work with any reference books and classifiers
  • Work with projects that include multiple BIM models
  • Analysis and results comparison
  • Reports and analytics

Tangl saves your costs for maintaining various departments

  • The specialists get rid of routine manual operations and focus on analysis, cost audit, project and on-site control.
  • It corrects expensive mistakes in budgeting that manifested during construction.
  • It increases the precision and time of calculations, the possibility to perform them regularly during the design process, accumulating the results and making cost audit and forecasting the expenses and project errors.

The unique system of “digital footprints” and the algorithm allow to:

  • Customize catalogues easily without having any special skills.
  • Analyze efficiently and have result with 100 percent accuracy.
  • Eliminate human factor. Have real time picture of volume of work and money investment.
  • Rapidly update the values when BIM model is changed.

Launch strategy

December 2019
  • Plugin for Revit
  • Application for MS Windows OS
  • Meta-information generation
  • Viewer of trees results and display settings
February 2020
  • Configuring and selecting the necessary parameters from the interface
  • Automatic recognition of similar objects
  • Cost editing in the classifiers
  • User account
March 2020
  • Corporate accounts development
  • Creating a framework for the cloud view
  • Possibility of export an analyze results in Excel, json
April 2020
  • The cloud analysis system
  • System of access permissions
  • An interconnection system between users
June 2020
  • 3D-viewer
  • System of reports construction
August 2020
  • Data transfer protocol development
  • Finalizing all previous deficiencies

  • Release candidate
    Software package
September 2020
Early access
What are the advantages of early access?
  • Co-development partnership through the process of software development.
  • A possibility to be one or two steps ahead.
  • You will be able to affect on BIMTangl evolution: open communication with developers, discussions of ideas and feedback.
  • Individual user acceptance testing.